910 Project by Smith Design

The 910 Project is a stunning penthouse design developed by Canada based Smith Design as serious of luxurious full-furnished apartment designs. Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, it is a 3,300-square-foot dwelling with decks that offer almost the same amount of space. Sophisticated exquisite design makes you wonder struck as you enter the apartment. The whole theme is features around contemporary and modern style and every detail in the house, from materials to finishes and furnishings follow the theme in totality. The designers used granite for the floors, honed granite for the counter tops, custom hand-burnished plaster finishes in the Powder Room and on the large column, mirror-polished stainless steel for the 360° fireplace, stainless steel appliances, and anthracite stained millwork in the kitchen.

The spectacular gas fireplace was designed in collaboration with Fravashi Decorative Iron Works and Majestic Mechanical, and it can be admired from all main living areas. The views from this luxe penthouse are fabulous, whether you choose to enjoy them from the vas living room, or from the bedrooms. The large windows bring in vastness and spacious aura to the hall. The bedrooms are equipped with full walk-in closets and en-suite bathrooms for extra comfort. Every single space in The 910 project is a celebration of the high life, state of the art, luxurious and exquisite style and taste.

Courtesy: Smith Design

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