Banglamung Residence| Bangkok

Contemporary Residence Banglamung is a project pursued by DBALP, a private architectural firm located in Bangkok Thailand. Their design reflects beauty and style organized in exterior appearance as well as irreproachable living conditions that help it support a luxurious and carefree lifestyle. Thanks to its generously sized windows, the house is very well lit naturally throughout the day and flaunts amazing views of its surrounding environment. The crisp white walls in the living room contrast nicely with a pair of colored zebra paintings in red and purple, not to mention the comfortable black leather couch and the dining table chairs. The living room features a direct link with the outdoor areas and offers perfect relaxation and socialization opportunities. The kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and boasts a medium sized table with boldly colored orange chairs. The 2 levels of the house are connected by a superb floating staircase that includes wooden steps and glass railings. The exterior poses large landscaped green area for dwellers to contemplate in and cherish the nature. While the grey concrete stands out as a massive entity, the greenery cuts the sturdiness and makes the space fresh and light. With modern stylish furnishing and contemporary material palette the house is a comfortable deluxe residence to cherish and reside in.

Courtesy: DBALP

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