Blackpool House | Auckland, New Zealand

Even though it offers just 872 square feet of living space, the Blackpool House features an ingenious design that allows it to give off an impression of spaciousness and utmost comfort. The residence was completed in 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand by a local-based firm named Glamuzina Paterson Architects, whose experts decided to divide it in 4 different levels.

The abode is inhabited by a couple and flaunts a single bedroom. As you can probably tell by now, it was built on a relatively low budget, but it offers more than adequate living arrangements nonetheless. The connection between the indoors and outdoors is achieved with the help of 2 decks and a selection of large windows that allow natural light to flow throughout the main living spaces. The exterior of the Blackpool House flaunts black metal cladding, while its apertures feature aluminum joineries. The recycled totara floors complement the clearcote finished pine ceilings in the dining room, while the void ceiling features black rafters and dark stained Meranti ply elements. The interior is seen as a poche’ cutting of the internal volume generating a series of surface conditions which articulate the program within the house. The volumes accentuate the verticality of the site, and allows differing spatial parti; from intimate to vast. The library rises up through the space to the intimate mezzanine becoming a vertical- expose’ of programmed structure which terminates at the ceiling rafters. The irregular and undulating north face responds to the enclosure of the tree canopy.


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