Bringing Colors To Your House | Malibu Residence

The Malibu residence is a luxury duplex apartment located in California, USA which is distinctively recognized for its playful and innovative interior designed by Sao Paulo-based studio Fernanda Marques Architecture Associates. The designer has creatively introduced contrasting colors against a white background which pops out as a fun, unique and inventive solution to interior designing.

The residence comprises of a spacious lounge with double height volume, in which suspends a glass bridge as a unique eye catching element accompanied with a glass staircase and a transparent glass elevator. These features really standout and add depth to the living interior. The glass staircase in one way stands alone distinctive and sleek and modern and in another way subtly rests in the background due to its lightweight structure and transparency.

The public and formal spaces are allocated in the ground floor, while private spaces are stacked upstairs, reachable by staircase as well as a private exquisite transparent glass elevator. Apart from that a personal indoor pool stands lavish and exotic exposed to natural light well which creates an ethereal spatial experience to be enjoyed by modern, creative outdoor furniture. Subtle vegetation and plantation in the outdoor adds another level of natural essence in the space.

The white minimal classic finishes of the house is well contrasted and creatively put against colourful artsy furnishings which ultimately makes it a contemporary dream residence.


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