Capacious oak wood Pent House in Wilanów

The Penthouse in Wilanów, Warsaw, Poland is a naturally driven, warm and spacious design worked by HOLA Design according to client’s personal taste and choice in interior design and furniture. Apart from the large spacious hall which pretty much suffices the living style and mode of the residence, a spacious and elaborately finished roof decks joins the apartment to become an outdoor sitting lounge and extended exterior living space with composite board which has the same color as the wooden floor of the living room. The apartment is enriched by a variety of styles and textures which give it a natural air of comfort and habitability as well as integrated heating and cooling systems which make an optimum living condition for the residents.

Large view windows bring in the maximum natural light for use and also offer magnificent views of the Warsaw skyline. The bright and fresh white paints further add to the spaciousness and capacity of the large hall where multiple activities, cooking dining, and entertainment happenings are taking place at the same time. The living area and the bedrooms floor were finished with natural oak planks while the Scandinavian design is complemented by art and natural vegetation on the roof deck adds freshness and vitality to interior design.

Courtesy: HOLA Design

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