Colors and Reflections | Impressions in Apartment H

Re-Act Now design Apartment H, a project spread on a modest area of 230 sqm located in Constanta, Romania in 2010. What defines the interior of this apartment is magnificent interplay of light, color and materiality to accentuate a mode and aura which you don’t experience otherwise.  Accent glass colors of red, green, blue mark their impression as the wall panels or separators in the house, configuring spatial layout like never before, connected and see through, yet separated and apart, a blend of tangible and intangible entities. The interior designers had the intention of creating a beautiful open space with a continuous “sea coast feeling” and hence he used white as a predominant base color on which colored glass is employed to create this charismatic impression of sea-coast.

The space is delimited by a glass partition which cut out the main sensation of innocence of the existing area and the beauty of it lies in the fact that while moving inside the apartment you get the impression of colors and reflections changing constantly with each angle in each space. Use of modern and creative furnishings and decorations further adds a layer of artistic contemporary style in the interior design. The apartment is a perfect example of how materiality can be exploited to infuse vibrancy and lightness and create an inventive palette of living abode.

Courtesy: Re-Act Now design

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