Contemporary Maison Art | France

Maison ART is a contemporary home that was sketched out by Agency Brengues Le Pavec and was built in Saint Clément de Rivière, France. The owners of this luxurious residence are able to enjoy irreproachable living conditions thanks to a generous number of high-end amenities complemented by contemporary furnishings and facilities. The abode flaunts 2 levels, and so it offers exceptional views of the nearby hills and of the historical center of Montferrier. The upper level houses the parent’s suite and the main living area, both of which benefit from the gorgeous views of the surrounding natural environment. The ground floor includes the guest bedrooms, which is why it features a more private atmosphere that’s meant to be comforting to guests and friends. Overall, Maison ART boasts an elegant and minimalistic appearance both on the outside and on the inside. State-of-the-art kitchen appliances, modern furnishings, natural plants and large floor-to-ceiling windows are just some of the main highlights of this wonderful home. Whole house is finished in sleek white minimalism style giving it the elegance and delicacy it flaunts of. The whole residence is flushed in dull gold light when the night falls by making it an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Courtesy: Brengues Le Pavec

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