Contemporary Project 910

Designed by Kiko Salomão, the Project 910 is the interior of an apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, which greets you with the 1 tone entrance door made out of stainless steel with modern influences and a rusted metal light sculpture, lying on floor of entrance lobby. Such elements give you an industrial feel but this place is just intended to become a unique entity for the residents themselves. From the door to the smallest detail, everything goes by the modern to the contemporary. Its timeless and exclusive character is given by the architecture, interior design, furniture design, decoration and art, all being shrouded into a visual harmony.

A formal sitting lounge takes your breath away with such exquisite and elaborate details and the entertainment room next to it further adds to your awe inspiring experience. A separate dining and kitchen area sets in the interior of house which again is dealt with contemporary elements, materials and furnishings. The apartment is designed like a piece of puzzle; each piece fits perfectly and if one removed will make the picture incomplete. The use of marble, high-glossed wood, fabric and stucco are extensive in the interior and subtle tones of earthly colors induce warmth and comfort in the residence.

Courtesy: Kiko Salomão

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