Duplex Apartment in Sao Paul, Brazil

Brazilian studio Sub Estudio designed the interior of luxe duplex apartment located in an upper middle class neighborhood called Vila Madalena, in the Pinheiros district, Sao Paulo, Brazil. The first thing that strikes in this beautiful design is how well articulated each and every space in the apartment is. The stairwell sits exquisitely right next to the wooden shelf attached to the wall. The TV lounge extends magnificently into the living and dining area via a transformable wooden structure which slides off to reveal the space tucked in, and the double height clear space which efficient addresses to space, lighting and ventilation issues.

While neutral white and dark wood floorings reside all around in the house the modern and contemporary elegant furniture really blows you away and cuts away the subtlety. Large windows lights the house all day long and also assist in natural ventilation. The transformable wooden panels address to your spatial needs when and whatever time you like. The kitchen island extends elegantly into dining area and formulates a personalized and comfortable living space. The apartment also offers a calm and serene view of the urban fabric via a small intimate balcony. All in all the unique blend of technological essence in another wise comfortable contemporary environment makes it a unique abode to reside in.
Courtesy: Brazilian studio Sub Estudio

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