Duplex Eco-Friendly Apartment | Kiev, Ukraine

Recently renovated by 2B Group, this duplex loft apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine and comprises of four bedroom pent house that offers 4,000 square feet of alluring spaces, made only with eco-friendly materials: concrete, metal and wood. The whole theme of the house is build according to client’s specifications of warm, comfy and sophisticated mood and ambience with heavy inclination towards avoiding plastic in the house, moldings on the ceiling, multi-level gypsum panels and anything shiny or glossy or artificial. The result was a warm glowing and naturally carved out interior which exploited new ideas and solutions asking for continual changes and adaptations.

What matters in the bigger picture is how skillfully the designers have blended the concrete with the wood and the metal to create an interesting interior design. Bold colors like red and blue merge with the subtle earthly shades of concrete and wood, while interesting installations are spread across the whole apartment. The most fascinating is the green vegetation wall which leads along the stairs to the upper floor. It adds a flare to the rustic finishes and brings in lightness and freshness to the whole look. Small intimate spaces reside in different parts of the house as if the designers personally put their heart out in for this residence.

Courtesy: 2B Group

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