Eclectic Contemporary Apartment Design

Brazilian designer Fábio Galeazzo undertook Pied à Terre an intensive yet lovely interior design project of a 90-sq.m apartment in located in São Paulo, Brazil. The main approach for this design was usage of sustainable materials as essentially as anything else in the abode the floors and some walls were covered with certified handling wood and the rest of the apartment was carefully renovated to include the same design approach. Another salient feature is the employment of eclectic furniture ranging from modern to vintage to classic to contemporary as a conscious design decision which makes the apartment and extraordinarily remarkable interior living space.

Earth color hues and subtle whites and browns reside elegantly in the space and make it more sophisticated with the eclectic decorations. The neutral hues of the wood and walls allowed for bright and vibrant colors to embellish the home in different shapes. What makes the apartment really exclusive is the contrasting modern and antique furniture cleverly placed together to develop a unique identity of the space. The designer has also made an effort to personalize cabinets, shelves and other storage spaces as essentially as the rest of the furniture and added a contemporary touch to rest of the furnishings. While moving through the house you literally move from historical era to modern and contemporary and enliven the experience to the very core.
Courtesy: Fábio Galeazzo

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