Eclectic Duplex Apartment

Eclecticism occurs when a single piece of work incorporates a mixture of elements from previous historical styles to create something that is new and original and this very idea is featured in the duplex apartment located in Stockholm, Sweden district of Norrmalm which gathers in stylish and fashionable textures and patterns. This modern and tranquil place was designed and renovated by architects Björnand Marianne Aaro for FilippaKnutsson and located in two floors of the building, hence interplay of levels and heights is also observed in the interior design. Craftsmanship and ethnic features found their home in a glamorous building on Wallingatan.

The spacious public hall accommodates a large dining area and a seating group facing a fireplace. The attic feel in the upper floor was conserved to accommodate a central family room with a large table and an inviting angle to the sofa group. Hence two sitting lounges already define much of the spatial layout in the interior. Apart from that we observe as elaborated floor patterns and cozy and comforting furniture and a very informal and casual kitchen style. Various styles and flairs compose a picture so warm and elegant that it invokes you to spend your rest of the life there. The exposed wooden ceilings blended with white stucco paint and textured and patterned tiles blow your mind away.

Courtesy: Björnand Marianne Aaro

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