Eclectic Stockholm Apartment

Located atop a classic 1914 building in Östermalm, central Stockholm, Sweden, this lavish apartment is a triplex penthouse with 3,465 square feet of luxe spaces, including a rooftop terrace with beautiful city views. The apartment poses a complex and intricate scenario where the old meets the new in a contemporary eclectic way. Variety of materials is observant in the interior ranging from wood to metal glass and stucco spread all around in the house but what creates the visual interest is the creative and artistic furniture with which the house is furnished. Another salient feature is the attic floor which adds another character to the house. Each room is punctures with a small window setting which allows natural light and ventilation and the white stucco paint reflects the light further inside the house. Modern and sleek lines are found in horizontality and verticality apparent in the furniture, cabinets, tile patterns etc. thus maintaining a flow in eye movement throughout the house. The wooden floorings add a contrast to the white interior and reside as an element of harmony and familiarity and seldom vibrant colors appear in bedroom and lounge spaces. Even the smallest of places are put to use such as a play room featuring a table tennis becomes an intimate space to spend time.


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