Elegant and Luxurious Feenstra Architecture

Yale town, Vancouver, Canada boasts this luxurious and elegant apartment designed by Feenstra Architecture. This 5,234-square-foot flat offers magnificent 360 degree views of the surrounding ocean, city and mountains. What defines the ideology of this apartment is a modern, high-tech contemporary design approach which turns the interior space in to dark, mysterious yet sophisticated and elegant apartment. By using clever lighting techniques, artistic furnishings, sleek and modern material finishes the designer has successfully achieved a flawless design. The apartments greet you with spacious lounge and living area in which sits perfectly a glass spiral staircase connecting you to the upper level and roof deck. A beautiful wooden display of wine collection enclosed in glass box also boasts right next to the sitting lounge. The designer has achieved a modern fireplace display next to the comfortable sitting arrangement which adds a level of homeliness and comfort to the living conditions. Apart from all these extravagant design features another salient element of the apartment design is the beautifully articulated roof deck, posing off wooden flooring, the sophisticated furniture, and a detailed lighting layout which ultimately accentuates the whole space into an ethereal entity. Indoor plantation, wall papers and artificial lighting structure adds a layer of depth in design while the residents nurture the exclusive views of the urban fabric from the roof deck as well as interior living spaces.

Courtesy: Feenstra Architecture

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