Elegant Penthouse Design

While looking for a luxurious exquisite pent house interior design, this is where you come to rest. Designed by Keith Interior Design & M2K Architecture, this pent house Penthouse Apartment is an elegant dwelling situated on top of the One&Only Hotel located in Cape Town, South Africa with an area of 1365m2 split into two levels. The lower one is a private hall, consisting multiple sitting areas, and lounges with private bedroom suites and the kitchen area while the upper deck is articulated with a sunroom lounge which extends towards the infinity pool, and the outdoor sitting unit overlooking the beautiful view from the famous Table Mountain to the Table Bay.

Spacious yet elegant, sophisticated yet functional, warm yet sleek and modern, these are the contrasting characteristics which complimented well together when featured in this interior design. Shades of earthly browns and dark browns, greys and whites are kept constant around the house to create harmony and familiarity. While exquisite and luxurious furnishings rest in the house, and fills all different kind of rooms, the upper deck has been deliberated with natural elements: vegetation, infinity water pool and abundance of natural light and ventilation and landscape view. Thus the house boasts a perfect blend of built environment with the natural one to create warm and sophisticated living experience.

Courtesy: Keith Interior Design & M2K Architecture

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