Exquisite and Luxurious Dwelling | Moscow, Russia

If one wants to talk about exquisiteness and sophistication together one should look at award winning architect Alexey Nikolashin’s work in Moscow, Russia. This gorgeous dwelling is a product of his SL Project architectural bureau being quite an impressive accomplishment in their residential designs. Sleek, contemporary design theme is followed in the apartment residing clean lines, minimalist decors and bright, spacious rooms. The white background further elevates the vastness in volume and the green planters add freshness to the whole design. State-of-the-art appliances (including a lovely fireplace), sleek finishes, expensive furnishings, everything in this home spells luxury, sophistication and style. The most salient feature of the apartment is the quite unexpected nature-inspired corner in the bedroom, which interrupts the continuity of the wooden floor as a patch of natural stones holding two large apartment plants. Another similar insertion of stones can be found in the living area, beneath the flat-screen TV and the modern fireplace. Apart from that every other design element is contemporary in nature as well. A big hall comprises of the main living room, lounge, kitchen island, dining table area and the open kitchen itself. Large view windows allow in natural light and ventilation facilitated by integrated HVAC systems.  All in all its unique, exquisite luxury style blows your mind away and urge you to get one for yourself too.

Courtesy: Alexey Nikolashin

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