Flamboyant & Imaginative Budapest Apartment

A small family abode outside the city in which the client’s live, this colorful apartment is located in Budapest. Often visited by the couple, the apartment is built from scratch, and the interior layout plays around the concept of liveliness, vibrancy and happiness so that the couple enjoys this retreat outside the city in another urban context yet feels at home. this unconventional apartment has only about 753 square feet of space. The owners found it in a terrible condition, so they had to demolish all walls, change all flooring, and remove every original appliance. With this opportunity the clients were flexible to unique contemporary designs and open plan so that is efficiently accommodates all the essential programmes yet be an eye candy design. In order to create the impression of extra spaciousness, the whole apartment is painted white with shiny and glossy surfaces that reflects light. To add depth to this approach rainbow colors treats are painted all around in a modern, fashionsitic way so that the added splashes of bright colors that completely changed the dynamics of the design. With a master bedroom, a guestroom, two bathrooms, two toilets, and a generous living/dining/kitchen area, this apartment is truly remarkable. Its contemporary design and cheerful atmosphere melts your heart away. The clever use of artistic and creative furniture further adds a layer of modern sleek design to the interior layout.

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