HillHouse in San Anselmo, California

Completed in 2013, Hillside House is an exotic residence located in San Anselmo, California, USA. It is designed by Shands Studio and flaunts an L-shaped layout as well as 2,450 square feet of living space. The residence is a complete new construction carried on a land occupied by a vacant guest house. Due to its weary and shabby conditions, the architect had to approach the design from a brand new design, and thus they came up with this beautiful contemporary residential living. The renovation resulted in a spacious, welcoming and comfortable residence that meets contemporary standards of fine living. The ground level is connected to the outdoor environment via sliding glass doors that also help blur the limits between the interior and exterior spaces. Furthermore, breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and hills can be admired through the floor-to-ceiling windows that can be found throughout the main living areas. As far as sustainability is concerned, the Hillside House boasts passive heating and cooling solutions as well as a Benjamin Obdyke “Home Slicker” rainscreen, cellulose insulation and a hybrid heating system. Furthermore, over 50% of the lighting arrangements are based on LEDs, while the upper roof of the home includes photovoltaic solar panels. All in all this efficient and exquisite residential space melts your heart away with its brilliant design aesthetics and techniques.

Courtesy: Shands Studio

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