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Villa V / Paul de Ruiter Architects

Villa V is a sustainable, creative and modern design set in the sloppy hill of Bloemendaal, Netherlands designed by Architect Paul de Ruiter. Spread across a total area of 489 sqm, the house respects its surrounding natural landscape and views, giving the residents a very intimate connection with the exterior. Large landscape windows in both North and South façades facilitate natural light, heat and views inside the house as well as the skylight patio in the middle of the house. Moreover the use of sustainable materials employed at various places in the house, elevates the whole setup to an elegant and intelligent solution for living.

Special consideration has been put to develop an efficient and compact structure resulting in excellent insulation. The available energy is used effectively, there is geothermal energy storage, a heat pump and solar collectors on the roof, which is covered with moss sedum. Only natural materials have been used in the building. For example, the façade finishing on the first floor is made of Waxedwood sustainable timber, the glass used is glazed to assist in thermal insulation and the structural concrete is also well insulated. All the interior elements, including the walls, the cupboards in the children’s rooms and the fireplace, are made of veneered plywood. The wood used at the entrance and the garage has a special origin and is up cycled.

Courtesy: Paul de Ruiter Architects



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