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Longhi Architects designed and constructed “A House Forever” for a young couple and their two kids as a permanent residence in Lima, Peru. Spread across 550 sqm, the site was lined already with natural black ancestral stone and an old house where the family was currently living. The architect grabbed on this opportunity to exploit his research on ancestral contemporary architecture. All the efforts were made to sustain the spirit of old house and bring that in the new design.

The metaphor for the design was to imagine that a big ancestral rock was founding the site and needed to be carved in order to accommodate the living spaces. The black ancestral rock found on site was used on the lower levels.  The carving of the stone called for interesting opportunities for built-in furniture, in efforts to maintain a pure, clear idea of homogeneity.

All in all the design composed of the black stone as a base on ground floor and lower levels, on which white boxes are stacked and cantilevered as the rest of the storeys : the black representing the historical essence of the site and the family and white representing the future approach sustained by ancestral roots.

The lower levels are more public for casual and formal family sittings e.g. car garage, service patio, maid’s quarters and pool baths in the basement; kitchen, dining and living spaces,  while the upper levels contain more private and intimate spaces for personal usage.

Courtesy: Longhi Architects

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