A House with Rotating Cube Rooms

Talk about transformability and adaptability and this house in Tehran gives you all this in a package with much more to offer than just simple residence. The Sharifi-ha House, designed by nextoffice, is built on a relatively narrow, but deep lot, giving it a 7 storey volume and 1400 square meters (or approximately 15,069 square feet) over seven floors spacious accommodation. But what makes it magnificent is the element of kinetic architecture infused in the front façade of the house i.e. three volumes that swing out towards the street in complete 90 degree rotation, flexible as possible, with the ability to be open or closed off, introverted or extroverted.

The architects quote themselves: “The rotating cubes can serve as both an aesthetic element and as a seasonal energy-saver. In the summertime, the volumes can swing out ventilate the home with warm breezes and add additional outdoor space terraces with light-filled patios. In the winters (which can be quite snowy at Tehran’s altitude) the walls can help shut out frigid air, keeping heat indoors. The rooms themselves also adapt to their indoor-outdoor uses with a series of little details. The railings that keep people from falling out of the adjacent room when the boxes face the street can be folded down and a moveable step rises up to give access to the box.”

The house is built as a three-tier volume with in between space left as a void, which reflect natural light though out vertically and horizontally. The two basement floors offer fitness facilities and wellness areas, while the ground floor contains parking and the housekeeping rooms and the top floors are used for private purposes, bedrooms, dining room, guest room and kitchen etc. Suspended bridges connect the two fixed volumes that make up the structure.


Courtesy: Arch20

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