Iconic and Modern on Paulista Avenue

The original project which dates back to 1952, by Architect Abelardo de Souza, one of the icons of the modernist movement in Brazil is refurnished and articulated by Piratininga Architecture Associates in 2009. Located in São Paulo, Brazil, the apartment with an area of 190 sqm was redesigned for a trader who shares it with his son, and the project was carried out bearing in mind the fact that the residence is for two men, each of them occupying a part of it, in the ends of the floor.

The layout is configured into two private sectors and one communal or social sector right in the centre of the house, consisting of main lobby, living lounge, study room, equipment storage, pantry, library, refrigerators, television sets, restrooms etc. Set in distinctive waffle slab concrete structure, this centralized space holds a unique identity, all credits due to structure and materiality as well as the iconic modern furnishing and interior.

The original solution in the window openings was integrated to the new projected occupancy, creating unusual spatial relations, also internally and externally. Large landscape windows extend and welcome the urban view of the external context as well as heaps of natural light and ventilation.

A unique exquisite taste is observed in décor and furnishing of the house taking strong associations with modern movement and style.


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