Complex and Inspiring Riviera Apartment | Moscow, Russia

Riviera Project is an inspiring creation completed by Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina, the passionate decorators of Geometrix which is reputed for its interesting unique building design and interiors. This apartment is a stunning 1,507-square-foot luxury residence in Moscow, Russia. For a relaxed, warm and inviting ambiance, the designers chose warm colors, stone and wood as the defining elements for this dwelling. This warm and intimate theme also helps cater the harsh winters of the local context and hence a general inclination for local materials is reflected. The living room is spacious and elegant, and is seamlessly connected to the dining area and bright white kitchen. Two splashes of bright color, in the shape of two comfy yellow armchairs, bring a cheerful note in this cozy space. While the bedroom and main bathroom are decorated in an elegant, sophisticated, yet warm, the children’s room is an explosion of color and dynamic shapes, a perfect realm of games and fun. Thus, every member of the family can enjoy the apartment, as it responds to their individual needs both in shape and in color. The most salient feature is the wooden cabinet installed next to the wall which runs all the way across the hall. Over this entire effort is modest and contemporary design and the interior is very inspiring and creative in its unique way.

Courtesy: Michael Miroshkin and Elen Miroshkina

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