Inventive and Original | Skyfall Apartment

When hearing about Athens, Greece, the first thing pops in your mind is the historical architecture which the city bears and its essence which lurks around in the city but looking at this modern, contemporary innovative Skyfall Apartment no one could have guessed it belongs to center of Athens, Greece, a wonderful location that provides views of the Acropolis. It’s a two bedroom apartment renovated by Studio Omerta and is situated on the 9th floor of a building overlooking the tiny church of St. George on the peak of Mt. Lykabettos.

As the light ring greets you while entering in the house, a large hall connects you to the generous artwork all over the place which is concentrated on the human element, the used colors being black, grey and white in the hall creates an ideal backdrop and the artsy furniture just adds another layer of shear classiness and sophisticating in living interior. The intrinsically positioned lighting elements induce a dramatic and mysterious ambiance at night because of the reflections and shadows they create. Large scale windows bring in the elaborate view of the city skyline and make an intangible connection with the urban fabric. Modern elements of design and furniture lay everywhere you glance in the apartment, each nook and corner is elaborately designed to reflect intensity and depth.

Courtesy: Studio Omerta

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