Luxurious Bridge House | Virginia, USA

Bridge House is a spacious and luxurious residence designed by Höweler + Yoon Architecture as a contemporary proposal in 2013. The house accommodates 3 generations of the same family in perfect conditions.  This is possible thanks to the abode’s ingenious design, which includes 3 different volumes. Each volume features its own social and private living arrangements that are furnished and decorated according to their generational requirements. The ground floor features a smaller volume that incorporates the master suite for the grandparents, which happen to be the owners of the abode, while the larger volume flaunts a public area that can be used by all family members. This public space boasts a dining room, family room, garage and kitchen. It’s also worth mentioning that all 3 bodies face the nearby woods and ensure great views of the surrounding environment, views that can be admired from almost every room through full scale glass panels. Many of the materials used in the furnishing process are recycled, including the wood for the benches and tables. Furthermore, the interior fireplace and staircase were made out of wood and hot-rolled steel. A warm, material palette is applied in the overall design to make it comfortable yet exquisite living space.

Courtesy: Höweler + Yoon Architecture

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