Luxurious and Classy Warsaw Apartment

Warsaw Apartment is the top most apartment in the city center building in Warsaw, Poland. Designed by Republika Architecture, the place is spread on 180 m2 of area and captures some of the amazing views of the surrounding skyline including the Vistula River and the National Stadium on one side and the Old Town and The University of Warsaw Library on the other side.

The approach of designers have been clear, this spacious apartment is aimed for a clean, sophisticated contemporary design having one major communal space comprising of the sitting lounges, kitchen island, study and dining areas, while the bedroom and bath are kept aside as private space.

The architects mixed clear lines with timeless materials such as oak floor, carrara marble, silk wallpapers, natural veneers and leathers, in order to design a luxurious and classy space, full of warmth and tranquility. As for the colors, a contrast was made between the earth tone color palette and navy blue and orange accents, which clearly induces vibrancy and spark in the apartment, while the subtle earthly tones bring in the serenity: the perfect blend of both creates elegant and coherent space.

The exquisite furnishings and artistic furniture pieces further accentuate the class and the magnificence in the interior spaces. With just right articulation and layout design the whole space has become a perfect living abode.

Courtesy: Republika Architecture

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