Luxurious Moscow Apartment

Award winning architectural firm SL Project designs this luxurious department in Moscow, Russia. The signature style of Alexey Nikolashina reflects fully in this opulent design and interior layout of the apartment. With expensive furnishings, luxe finishes and state-of-the-art appliances, the apartment ooze an air of high-end sophistication worthy of a rich and opulent businessman. The designer has deliberately opted for the extravagant touch, the exquisite feel and the luxurious finishes. While entering the apartment what greets you is the high gloss finished expensive wooden cabinets which stands against the white background of the lounge. Contemporary indoor landscaping further blows you away in many unique places in the apartment. The glass is used as a transparent separator which identifies the space yet maintains a tangible connection. The white finishes of the whole house makes it spacious reflects light and looks elegant as well while contrast is developed by varying colored wooden panels used in cabinets, kitchen slabs, lounge shelves etc. Modern and expensive contemporary furnishings complete the exquisite picture of the interior. The cantilevered bed against the lavishly articulated high gloss wooden paneled wall is another salient feature of the apartment. While large view windows offer natural light and ventilation, the apartment’s personal mechanized HVAC systems keep the interior living comfortable.

Courtesy: SL Project designs

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