Luxury Grange Infinite Apartment, Singapore

Situated on the 24th floor of a 36-story residential tower on the famed Orchard Road, Singapore, this building is known as Grange Infinite, and the apartment is called Grange Infinite Showflat #24-01. Spacious and opulent, the flat was designed by ONG&ONG, an architectural firm in Singapore. The main theme and concept running around the apartment is luxury and style matched with high-end sophistication and contemporary taste. Luxe furniture, fancy rugs, sleek surfaces and mirror decors come together to create a unique ambiance and each frame reveals its own story of exquisiteness and extravagance making the whole design picture perfect. The main hall comprises of the essential lounge and dining setting but what makes it a unique space is the presence of the attractive wooden bar stand installed from the ceiling to the floor. Royal purple and classy dark wooden furniture resides in the main hall looking towards large view windows providing the fulfilling view of the urban scape outside as well as natural light and ventilation. However integrated HVAC systems run along to assist and maintain natural comfortable and relaxed atmosphere inside the apartment. The extended balcony also gives the luxury to sit in the exterior and enjoy the sky and the view while green planters add freshness to the whole design and breaks away the bling.

Courtesy:  ONG&ONG

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