Modern and Contemporary in a Luxurious Villa

Coming across the land of a hillside in Mafikeng, a unique modern and contemporary architecture rises out of the vast private estate land in Pretoria, South Africa. Spreading on more than 8,363.56 ft², the Boz House is a result of natural setting of the site and clients brief of a spacious and luxurious villa.

What you majorly see as a design approach in this residence is true honesty and justice done to site, materials and the context via just perfect orientation, exploration and exploitation of the natural reservoirs. Be it the natural materials, modern design, contemporary and minimal interior, stretched screen walls that extend itself into the midair, double volume entrance, dual garages, landscaped outdoor pool, perfectly oriented lounges, all resulted in this magnificent residence as desired by the client.

According to the architects themselves: “The client requested a spacious and luxurious four bedroom steel, glass and concrete residence with an emphasis placed on the design of the living rooms. The vastness and natural setting of this site inspired a design resembling a bush lodge that responds to nature and its immediate surroundings. Translating this concept into a contemporary home was almost effortless thanks to the location, orientation and natural beauty of the site.”

The architect has cleverly pressed against crucial architectural points to create a unique contemporary spatial scenario which transcends space and time and via interesting minimal interior and furnishings the design is taken to a whole next level.

Courtesy: Nico Van Der Meulen Architects

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