Modest Attic Penthouse | Stockholm Sweden

Attic penthouses are always difficult to treat in interior design but located in the 6th floor of an 1882 building in Östermalm, Stockholm, Sweden, this lovely attic penthouse has 1,646 square feet of beautifully appointed spaces. These include 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, plus other inviting and cozy areas. The main hall is a compulsory contemporary design merged into lounge space, open kitchen a wall inserted shelved library and dining area. Numerous skylights ensure plenty of natural light during the day, creating a sense of openness throughout the apartment while most of the indoor is treated in white paint and stucco to increase the feeling of openness by reflecting natural light. All the floors are treated with seamless light wooden tiles complimenting the white interior and similar color furniture resides in the house. The interior designer has tried to insert varying patterns of interesting sorts and color here and there to create vibrancy and break the monotony in white minimalism. The eclectic furniture and décor items further add depth to the spatial aura. All of the rooms including the main hall experience the slanting attic slope which makes the apartment a cozy, intimate residing space and a continuous harmony is observed for the dwellers as well. Conclusively this entire attic penthouse melts your heart away with its simplicity and original essence.


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