Oceanique Villas | A Sea-side experience

Oceanique Villas is a small real estate development project by MM++ Architects. Spread across 1014 sqm, the villas are three unites residences located at located in Mui Ne, a seaside holiday destination in Vietnam’s south east coast. Usually such exotic locations are reserved by hotels and resorts, but this project makes an exception as a private residential place with exceptional views of the sea and comprises of a villa with 4 bedrooms as well as 2 other villas that feature 3 bedrooms each. Each villa is equipped with personal swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchen, living and dining areas as well as other amenities. The rear areas feature patios with great opportunities for relaxation and entertainment while maintaining a tight connection to the interior tropical garden. The whole land is raised to a certain height in order to maintain privacy from the public beach and ensure clear view of the ocean.

Luxurious, minimalistic and elegant, the villa offers an exotic interior spatial experience as well as a very intimate and tangible connection with the nature. The architects haven’t missed any opportunity to get exposure to the natural sea. Full scaled windows, open patios, long wooden terraces, and louvered facades all in all an effort made for a fully developed connection with the natural environment outside via views, light and ventilation, thus resulting in a dream residence to live in.

Courtesy: MM++ Architects

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