Penthouse Apartment in New York

Designed by the Incorporated Architecture & Design firm the 200 Chambers Penthouse is located in the metropolis New York, USA. Specifically intended to feature the magnificent skyline and enthralling views of the bursting city, this Penthouse boasts of a modern layout and subtle art decoration elements that project fine taste and add exclusivity.

The whole apartment is realized in two bedrooms, a master suite and exquisite lounge and sitting areas treated with complex elements and high-end materials, such as gold leaf, mahogany, white marble, limestone, stainless steel and bronze each revealing the luxurious taste and exquisite approach in designing. Apart from such lavish material treatments, the furnishings are also exclusive, artistic and creatively exceptional which further enhances the spatial experience in living. The designers carefully defined all rooms and placed the furnishings according to a very specific plan, leaving nothing to chance in order to achieve balance and create an exquisite living environment for the owner and his guests.

Large view windows frame the serene view of the sea shore and develop the connection with natural elements bringing in daylight and fresh breezes from the sea. All bedrooms are articulated to capture the sea view. All in all the Penthouse has made all efforts to become sophisticated and comfortable for its dwellers boasting high-end expensive and modern interior design worth million dollars.

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