Refreshingly Red Moscow Studio Apartment

Russian architectural practice: Studioplan took the responsibility of redesigning the interior of this studio apartment located in Moscow. The approach for this renovation was to keep the originality of the space intact yet introduce a new, fresh element which induces vibrancy with in the contemporary parameters of design. The result is a modern and genuine space emphasized by contrasts and textures mixed with a rustic aspect of exposed ceiling beams and brick walls.

Since it is a studio an apartment, the layout of the house is not complex at all. The entrance leads you into a large, spacious lounge comprising of the sitting area and the kitchen island. Within the same hall, the designer has places dining area and entertainment center with a pool table and a study area. All of these spaces are highlighted with distinct spatial configurations but not segregated by walls or dividing panels hence resulting in a large spacious hall where quality time can be spent with family and friends.

All the attention is concentrated on the kitchen because of its imposing bright red structure. It’s somehow the main attraction of the dwelling, pulling it out of the ordinary, in the same time providing storage space. Somehow the designer has managed to include this red element in every frame of the hall thus being clever about its placement.

The variety of materials used and vibrant color palette makes this studio apartment a refreshing yet sophisticated dwelling to reside in.

Courtesy: MyFancyHouse

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