Seamless and Illuminated | The Snow Apartment

The Snow Apartment is located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, a famous skiing and tourist resort in North of Beijing, China. Design by Penda Architects, the residence is an emblem of its name, a seamless and illuminated interior which symbolizes the snow and the shape-shifting nature of melting snow in the changing weather in spring.

From the architect’s themselves: “The apartment is inspired by a melting snowfield in spring, when nature slowly revives from winter and offers a contrast of cold and warm, white and colored. This atmosphere was translated into architecture by hand-plastered, white shells, which cover walls and the ceiling and create a seamless space, which guides visitors naturally through the apartment. The curves of the interior respond in a very direct way to the outside landscape of mountains and valleys.”

Three basic elements are consistent throughout the space, a) the white shell with its continuous curvature which bends and molds into different volumes in each space, b) the light wooden deck floors and furnishings which carve out of the white shells to create a balance and add depth to the spatial quality and c) ambient light used as an imminent subject matter which illuminates the backlit walls and accentuates the alcove lit floor decks. The overall ambience results in a warm cozy, relaxing, yet unique exquisite and modern space. The layout of the apartment features 7 bedrooms, a large cloakroom and storage for the skiing equipment, several bathrooms and a large living room in its center. The curved walls guide the guests to a spiral staircase, which leads to the upper floor of the apartment, offering a more formal living and dining experience with direct access to a large roof terrace.

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