Sophisticated Contemporary Residence|Casa Jacarandas

Casa Jacarandas is a private residence located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Developed by Hernandez Silva Arquitectos the site extends over a huge plot and massive construction is employed to take out the best of what the natural scenario, location and context is offering. A classic example of modern design, straight lines and contemporary finishes the house offers a sustainable solution by employing natural local materials in both construction and finishing. As a result the warm and earthly tones and shades reside both in interior and exterior of the house. The house exudes warmth, calmness and the genuine feeling of privacy and comfort.

The natural material finishes are complimented with modern, artsy and creative furnishings which results in an overall contemporary interior design. Apart from modern furnished, green landscaped wall runs throughout on one side of the house, which adds another level of depth to the room interiors.

The house is well oriented to vast landscape view of the urban neighborhood and as a result massive terraces and beautiful and elegant backyard extends into the green plot to nourish from the natural environment and the views. Large full scale glass panels run in bedrooms and living spaces acting as a mediator between external and internal environment. One of the distinct feature of the residence is the cozy and relaxing outdoor furniture with provides ample opportunity to spend time with the nature.



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