Stunning Minimalist: A Perfect Modern Dream Villa

This modern style sleek and minimal Villa P is designed by Architektonicke Studio Atrium, spanning at a modest project area of 350.0 sqm in Západ, Slovakia.

Playfully exploited architectural elements such as structure and material pays of as a brilliant minimalist design for the villa. According to the design studio itself: “The concept consists of a simple joist nested in the terrain including the garage wing which is built in contrast to the houses around.

The plan of the house is cleverly oriented according to the sun path giving the west-oriented rooms a connection with the exterior by a glazed facade. The terrace and the balcony with impressive roofing and external blinds and extended green roof of the garage are the most dominant elements.  In terms of structure huge metal joists roots themselves in the slanting terrain of the plot making it a very prominent feature of the front façade. Wooden tiling is used as surface treatment for the rest of the façade which compliments and contrast the metal simultaneously. Architectural concrete and wood are majorly found materials in the interior used in their truer sense without external treatments. The material properties are further accentuated with natural light coming abundantly in the villa. Modern furniture and sleek interior design are nothing but complimenting the whole concept of the villa with feisty elements placed here and there giving a spark to the subtle color pallet of the house.

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