Subtle Watergate Apartment | Washington DC

Designed by Italian architect Luigi Moretti in 1962, this distinctive five-building apartment and business complex resides beside the Potomac River. This lovely apartment was renovated in 2009 by Robert Gurney Architects. With one bedroom and one and a half baths, the dwelling offers 1,250 square feet of tastefully appointed spaces. What we truly appreciate about this apartment design is its simplicity and elegance, with minimal elements, subtle theme and humble space the designer has done wonders in the interior. Robert Gurney Architects made some dramatic changes, as they stripped the interiors down to the essential infrastructure, exposing the plumbing and electrical systems. The same happened to the original flooring, which was removed, leaving only the concrete slab. With a renewed interior, the apartment now takes full advantage of its stunning views towards Potomac River. A carefully selected material and color palette gives the home a refined and subtle style. Use of wood and white tiled flooring is abundant in the main interior lounge, while to give depth and contrast the open kitchen is treated in black textured wall. A small slit cut in the kitchen wall connects the main hall with the bedroom in a unique way. The end result is truly charming, with every inch of the apartment having been carefully redesigned.

Courtesy: Luigi Moretti

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