Unique and Refreshing Saksaganskoho Apartment

Apartment Saksaganskoho, is located in Kiev, Ukraine, an impressively finished interior design comprehended and sketched out by Rina Lovko. What you observe in her work is great taste, skill, and dedication to create something outstanding. This wonderful abode impresses its residents with a blend of contemporary elements and artistic ventures which creatively molds the spatial aura as you move across the apartment.

The apartment boasts of hi-glossed furniture, textured walls and patterned panels, wooden flooring to top up with exquisitely done unique furniture, which is further personalized according to particular space and stakeholder.  Each room has its own unique character, spatial aura and artistic presence which make you awe-inspiring. The color palette is varied and includes bold tones of purple, red and blue as well as soft shades of beige, brown and white and fresh colors of yellows, oranges and greens. Each color palette is carefully articulated in different rooms, where the kitchen is a nice blend of fresh green complimented with zig-zag patterns, while the kid’s room is beautifully painted with illustrations and finished with refreshing and playful yellow furnishings.

This unique personal character owned by each space makes it a creative challenge to undertake and the designer has rightfully done justice to it.


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