Urban Oasis: A Generous Private Living Space

Architects: MimANYstudio and REALarchitecture design and build a single villa situated in the expat enclave of Thao Dien in District 2, Vietnam. Highly referred to as the Urban Oasis, Fuschia Villa is spread across a moderate area of 415 sqm. House 81 is situated close to the city center, yet provides a subtle relaxing and generous private living for its residents where they can enjoy personal entertainment facilities and a cozy living environment.

The architects have cleverly infused modern and minimal design approach into warm and cozy shades and material palette to create the desired effect. Local stone, wood and bamboo, glass and subtle paint job collectively evokes a classic sophisticated, powerful and simple space finish to the architectural design. Project ideas designed in the spirit of minimalist detail to space to serve for specific client’s brief.

The building is made up of two main volumes roughly as two offset stacked blocks. Clever structural configuration allowed the designers to create varied height volumes within the space. The 2 simple boxes exceeds 8m aperture which reflected well in the maximum degree of its flexibility in terms of architectural details. Spaces are oriented with consideration of casual, formal and private programmes. Entertainment Centre and family lounge etc. are set in large voluminous spaces while bedrooms and study, kitchen etc. are dispersed in discreet and intimate locations yet all such planning and layout still offered outside views and natural light.

Glazed full length transformable glass panels, develop an interactive connection with the outside spaces: sitting and pool area. The pool serves as a beautiful backdrop to the patio and family lounge while outdoor landscape lighting and sitting arrangement is thoughtfully implemented to make the most use of the outdoor space even during night time.

Courtesy: MimANYstudio and REALarchitecture


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