Villa in Woods – Your Personal Holiday Resort –

This family house in Vilnius, Lithuania is an inspiring design by 4PLIUS Architects. Spread over an area of 310 sqm the house is recently finished in 2014 right across an edge of urban development on one side and forest cultivation on another. Situated in the suburban region, the location proves beneficial to the residents having both: close proximity to urban and natural landscape. The architect quotes that the solid volume of the house speaks of their owners’ culture and stability, as well as the relaxing beauty of nature that surrounds it. Getting inspiration from the surrounding context and situating your design accordingly is a remarkable job done by the team indeed.

“One can enjoy pine tree reflections on the windows ‘glass and the polished stone, greenery of the façades, rhythmic of details and handrails, and natural materials, such as stone and wood.”

The villa is oriented such as enough privacy is generated for the residents yet the natural views of the green landscape outside and the natural light is available. By using reflective windows, much of privacy issue is resolved, where you can have ample view of the outside, but no one can have a glance of the interior. Another clever approach is the use of local, natural material in the interior and exterior of house and on façade finishes. By doing so the architect has not only opted for a sustainable approach, but proficiently resolved his architecture within the surrounding context both tangibly and intangibly.

Courtesy: 4PLIUS Architects

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