Warm and Sophisticated Riverpark Apartment

Usually modern and sophisticated apartments have a cold and unfriendly atmosphere but not in this case. Exclusively designed to create a warm, welcoming and natural essence interior this apartment is located in private Riverpark Apartments located in Bratislava, Slovakia. Designed by BEEF Architects this apartment bears a large, spacious hall consisting of open kitchen and dining hall, merged with living area, lounge and extended on to the balcony. Two bedrooms with attached bathrooms are tucked aside the main hall. On demand the whole apartment was finished with beautiful wooden floors, and dark wood furniture complimented with earthly color palette of white, grey, cream and beige to enhance the warm, whole-hearted interior finish.

The balcony finished with full-scale floor to ceiling transparent glass panels allow natural light and ventilation all day long, along with the magnificent views of the natural river in the context. It further adds vastness, and spacious aura to large hall articulated with all major social & communal activities. The ceilings are not very high, that’s why the rooms seem more intimate. The use of clever, modern sophisticated furnishings and furniture has turned the interior into a more bright, positive and vibrant space with a touch of creative side from the designers. The whole space in conclusion is folded into an extrovert, homely and warm apartment for the residents to cherish living in.

Courtesy: BEEF Architects

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