20 Kitchen Makeovers : Before and After

Feeling bored about your kitchen design? Start planning a kitchen makeover! Take matters into your own hands and start planning a refacing: transform cooking, dinning and socializing in your kitchen into the most pleasurable experiences. You’ll be amazed how quickly your freshly designed kitchen space will become alive, full of style and with perfectly tailored amenities, fitting your daily routine.

What options do you have when you start a kitchen makeover? First, you have to decide on your budget. Then, take responsibility whenever you’ll do it on your own or with the help of a contractor/architect/planner. How will you do it? Setting a concept/style, then go for a total change and remodel, or work with what you have: re-surfacing cabinets, changing countertops, painting cabinets; changing floors, backsplash, appliances and adapting lighting scheme. Whatever you choose, a piece of advice: know your limits and enjoy the process of creating a new personalized ambiance.

For your delight and inspiration, we’ve prepared 20 amazing kitchen makeovers, each with before and after pictures, to get you started!

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